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You know better than we do that Tourism, Transportation, and Logistics companies face a daunting task when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Some of Our
Travel & Tourism

Nowadays, people prefer the fastest communication options when they have an issue or to be informed. As traveling is planned for a specific time, people want to get quicker support in case of an issue or time change. Transportation and Logistics have a deadline as well.

For your customers, it is important that you are there whenever customers try to reach you. Supply fast feedback and gain happy customers with your service.


With Tegsoft, you can provide service to your customers with just one click.

Customer Review


Through the Tegsoft CRM, we can monitor contact history from one screen. By reporting customer’s previous calls, whom they call, destination info, we can greet our customers well prepared. Since these creates satisfaction for the customer, they feel special, and this provides us with repeat customers.


Ozan AKGÜL -Sales and Customer Supervisor, TOURISTICA Tourism Company


Integrate your CRM!

You can use the integrated CRM features of Tegsoft or you can integrate your own CRM. You can access the complete history of your customer communication.

Tegsoft CRM facilitates the management of the process of recording and reporting the issues related to the shipment as an activity in the Transportation, and Logistics industry.

Get to know your customer!

Create custom activities for your customer: take note of the things your customer loves, arrange next year’s special offers and call them, make special offers for their vacation, and as a result the customer loyalty will increase when the business know their customers.

Assess customer feedbacks

Conduct surveys of all kinds to gain a wealth of information on your customers. Ask the NPS (Net Promoter Score) question in your surveys.


We adopted NPS (which measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others) as compared to other KPIs as it better
tracks on-going relationships as compared to single interactions.

For this reason, we also provide a free CRM (should you not have your own) to keep track of your customers and free tools to measure NPS.


Get your recommendation rating directly from your customer!

Speak the same language with your customers!

Create an activity entry during the call to your customer and save information such as the apartment type, location information. At the next call, transfer them to the last agent interviewed in the queue. Use the information you processed and create quick solutions to suit your customer’s needs!

Assign your previous customers who have bought from you to the VIP queue and your potential customers to a different queue. If you wish, do the same for your pre-sale and after-sale customers. Boost your sales with queue-based prioritization!

It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

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