Why to choose Tegsoft

Omnichannel Customer Journey

We cover all your communication needs through voice, webchat, email, messaging apps, and social media channels. Advanced CRM, with activity and requirements management, is included to handle all tools for providing a well-designed customer journey.


We know the power of data and provide a wide range of open APIs for any 3rd party software integrations. Also, we have ready-made integrations with Salesforce, WhatsApp, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, SAP.

Passion for Innovation

We are a passionate team who innovate relentlessly and are very proud to do it together with our customers.

Partnership is a state of mind for us

Companies running contact centers do not only require great services, but they also require co-working partners. Offering ideas and creating solutions is very important for this partnership. All Tegsoft products are provided to the market via trained and experienced Business Partners.

A bridge between software and communication world

It is the best tool for software to handle telecommunication needs and the best tool for a telecommunication company to manage high traffic and software integrations. To keep these two working, Tegsoft is flexible as a software and reliable as a telecommunication product.

We use state-of-art Technologies

All Tegsoft products have been developed by using most current technology. To provide hardware-independent, high-capacity, and quality meeting facilities, Tegsoft uses IBM DB2 as a database, CentOS as an operating system and Java as the software development platform in our products. Tegsoft cloud is built on IBM Cloud Infrastructure, a truly enterprise cloud platform.

Ready to use in minutes!

Our Cloud platform comes already specialized for your industry, so it can be ready to use in less than 20 minutes.

We speak your language

Tegsoft is used in 15 countries, and all have native language support. By default, Tegsoft has 25 different language to support its products.

The sky is the limit! - from a Single Agent to Thousands

Tegsoft has the same interface for all product families. It supports from 1 Agent to a thousand over a single server. Tegsoft cloud is nearly limitless and suits all your communication needs!