Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many agents can use same extension? Does it require to create separate extension for different agent login?

    System can allow some agents to use same extension. Therefore, one extension can be assigned to more than 1 agent. But, only one agent can login to the system with this extension at the same time. They can use the same extension only in different times. However, it is not recommended to assign same extension to different agents. Because, it can cause complexity for reports. Using same extension can cause inconsistency in reports.

  • What are definitions of campaign result and after call work?
    • Terminate
      • It ends the current call.
    • Scheduled and continue calling
      • When the scheduled time came, it calls the related contact. In this time, agent continues to campaign calls.
    • Delete dialed number and continue calling
      • It deletes the called number. When the scheduled time came, it calls the next number that belongs to related contact and it repeats this operation for all numbers that belongs to contact.
    • Block called number and continue calling
      • It saves the called number to defined block list. When the scheduled time came, it calls the next number that belongs to related contact and it repeats this operation for all numbers that belongs to contact.

  • How can we move backup to archive?

    On the Tegsoft screen, the backup files can also be copied to a different destination. For this, the following operations should be done.

    Follow these steps, PBX Management -> Server Settings, and find the “Targets for move the backup” field under Archive/Backup. Type here the destination directory, for example : “/root/tmpBACKUP”. Then, with the option “Delete After Transport”, backup is deleted from the default archive destination.

  • How can I find new and old version information?

    Tegsoft Release Notes are shared via Slack after each update.

    Slack Workspace : TegsoftAdmins_TR

    Invite Link : Join us

    You can also access version information via the link below.

    Software version information

  • System clock is not correct. How can I fix it?

    Connect to system with ssh.


    The output of this command confirms that the time is incorrect.

    Follow next steps.

    rpm -Uvh “”

    rpm -Uvh “”

    ntpdate -u


    System clock should be fixed with these, check it with “date” command.

  • How is Sestek TTS definition done?

    The Sestek Text-To-Speech service converts written sets made via Tegsoft into synthesized voice in the naturalness of human voice and speech.

    Follow the steps below to make the Sestek TTS service available when the necessary license and credit definitions are complete.

    CC Management –> Parameters –> Text to Speech

    Speaker: should be set as GVZ Gul 16k_HV_Premium.

    Sestek TTS definition on Tegsoft

  • How is service level calculated?

    Service Level

    Abandon excluding – SL
    SL : (100 X (Number of calls answered in base time / Number of all calls answered)
    Abandon included – SLA
    SLA: (100 X (Number of calls answered in base time) + (Number of abandon calls in base time) / Number of all calls answered and abandoned)

    Inbound Call Number – ENTERQUEUE
    Missed Calls Number – ABANDON
    AAT: (Total wait time of missed call) / (Total number of missed calls)
    ACHT: (Total call time + Not ready time due to related call transaction after call) / Total number of answered called )

  • What are the system requirements for using Webphone?
    • Firstly java should be installed. Check the java with this LINK.
    • Type of defined extension phone should be selected as Webphone.
    • If WebhoneNSPlugin was previously installed and the Webhone change is being made on the system, make sure that WebhoneNSPlugin is uninstalled and that the service is not running.
    • According to the table below, a browser with Java written options should be used. (Internet Explorer is recommended for Windows systems unless there is a special reason.)

    Webphone OS/Browser/Plugin Compare

  • Why do we get “agent login is failed” error?

    When the agent session is terminated, this warning is appeared. This situation can be happen because of these possibilities.

    1. Supervisor would make the agent logout from status panel, but still the agent screen is open. When agent tries to do something in this screen, he can get this warning.
    2. When login with same seat from different browsers.
    3. When trying to login with the same seat and same username.

  • What are the meanings of CDR titles?

    Basic titles descriptions are below.

    • UNITUID : It is the system unique id . It is needed to query.
    • UNIQUEID : It is call unique id.
    • CALLDATE: Call time
    • SRC :Caller number
    • DST :Calle number
    • DURATION: Total call time
    • BILLSEC : Billing time
    • DISPOSITION : Call result
    • SKILL: Queue(skill) information
    • SKILLEVENT: The last event status of call that is moved to skill
    • AUDIOFILENAME : Voice recording ID
    • UID : Agent information
    • CAMPAIGNID : Campaign ID
    • CONTID : Contact Id
  • Is there any limit (on the contact side) for external links to add(popup url)?

    There is no limit to add external links to system. However, it is not recommended having lots of popup URL because it will be hard to manage and handle complexities of all URLs.

  • How many times can an agent try to login with wrong username and password?

    The limit is 10 to login with wrong username or password.

  • How many times can an agent log in to system in a day?

    Agent can login to system how many times he/she wants in a day. But it is recommended to login and logout for once in a day.

  • Is there any limit for admin user to create new agent user? If yes, what is the limit?

    There is no limit to create agent user for admins.

  • How can we manage to assign supervisor in the same campaign with his/her agents?

    The campaign is managed on applications menu –> campaign manager(voice). You can set here to assign agent or supervisor to related campaign in this menu.

    Supervisor can manage the campaign here in agent field. You can use filter to search agent or supervisor. After find the agent/supervisor, click on his/her name and click one arrow to assign him/her to related campaign.

  • How far can you go back to check the history of reports and recordings?

    For a report, the reachable record limit can be set in CC Management –> Parameters –> data.maxFetchSize. The default value is 100,000. Moreover, according to GDPR these records and reports store until 10 years at Tegsoft data centers.

  • Can agent select her/his own skills to get call when login to the system?

    The answer is yes for some cases. According to admin’s definition, agent can choose the queue. If admin gives authorization to choose queue to agent, then agent can choose which queue he/she want. Otherwise, only supervisor can choose agent’s queue.

    You can define the rule to choose queues by following these steps:
    Contact Center Management -> Agent Management
    Here you can define this rule from “Queue selection” field.

    As I mentioned in first paragraph, supervisor can set the rule as “Select your own during login” or “Supervisor determines“.

    If it is set as “Supervisor determines”, then only supervisor can assign queues to agent. So, agent will get calls from queues that supervisor assigned.

    If it is set as “Select your own during login”, agent can select the queues when he/she login to system and he will get call from these queues he selected. Also, supervisor can assign queues to the agent with this option. In this case, the agent will get calls from these queues he/she chosen and supervisor assigned.

  • Do contacts receive an email or notification about updates on tegsoft, or is their system automatically updated?

    After new update is released, release notes about the update are notified to sales partners on common platform. Our sales partners will inform you our valuable customers about release date and notes. Tegsoft solutions on cloud server will be updated automatically.

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API Documents

Tegsoft has public API functions for custom integrations. API Functions are allowing application developers to access Tegsoft components/functions and data via SOAP Webservices , JSON, XML rest APIs. All documentation for APIs can be accessed from