This Policy describes the information processed by Tegsoft Companies (Tegsoft DMCC (UAE), Tegsoft INC (USA), Tegsoft Yönetim ve Bilişim Hizmetleri Ticaret Limited Şirketi (TR) – will be named as Tegsoft Companies)  to run Tegsoft Products, Tegsoft supply chain, and Tegsoft maintenance services. Our first priority is to be open while we provide the best experience. Thus we prepared and published this “Data and Privacy Policy” to provide detailed information about what we store, process, and share with third parties under the law.

Tegsoft Websites

Tegsoft is serving various websites. Those sites are providing information for Tegsoft products, services, learning management systems, documents and maintenance materials. 


A cookie is a small text file that is created by visitors’ browsers from the web page and stored on visitors’ computers’ hard drive. As part of service, Tegsoft websites use cookies to identify visitors, access visitors’ data, track visitors, track traffic patterns. This information may be used for system administration and can be shared with third-party systems for improving accuracy and service quality. 


In some cases, visitors share their e-mail address, phone numbers, name, surname, personal details and/or company details. Those details are stored, registered and processed as required under the law. For processing and fulfilling requirement, data can be shared with third-party companies. 

Policy for Tegsoft Customers

Tegsoft sales process is broken down into phases below,


  • Presales
  • Sales
  • Post-sales


During the presales phase, customer contact details are registered to Tegsoft Contact Management System. This data is stored, an e-mail is sent to the customer‘s e-mail during registration. 


During the sales phase customer may have a POC usage. Because of POC usage customer’s data may be stored or processed under the post-sales policy.


During the post-sales phase, customers may use Tegsoft products on-premise or from the Tegsoft cloud. Tegsoft has a customer management system for managing licenses, maintenance details, and alarm systems. For running properly Tegsoft is storing data listed below (but not limited to list)


  • Contact details of the customer
  • Disk / Ram size and usage and hardware details
  • Tegsoft communication usage statistics
  • Sales and Maintenance partner information
  • Sales and Maintenance partner contact information
  • License details like name, expire date, number of allowed users 
  • Financial details like invoices, payments

Policy for Tegsoft Business Partners

Tegsoft business partner is defined and working under a business partner agreement. Tegsoft is storing detailed company information, company contacts, technical capabilities, sales contacts and about the business partner sharing those details with third parties. 

Policy for Tegsoft Mobile Applications Users

Draft – Tegsoft is providing mobile applications. Those applications can be accessed, downloaded and used. Data processing starts by downloading.

Accessing Data

Data may be accessible via Tegsoft Customer Portal or Tegsoft storage. If accessing data is needed please contact the Tegsoft team via [email protected].

Deleting Data

For deleting data please contact the Tegsoft team via [email protected].

Legal Information

Tegsoft is working as a legal entity with all companies and business partner ecosystem. And obeying local laws for the countries that the sales process occurs.  

Special Conditions, Law, and Policies Applied for Turkey and Turkish Citizens


Special Conditions, Law, and Policies Applied for EU and EU Citizens


Contact Tegsoft

For any questions For deleting data please contact the Tegsoft team via [email protected].