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Vertical solutions for many sectors have been produced with Tegsoft products.

You can review our sectoral advantages from the access list and our sector-based segmented references below.


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Product Information


Tegsoft product range offers many advantages for research sector users

One of the most important advantages is the uploading of the empty EXCEL file into the system which contains the data to be surveyed and after the calls retrieving it from the system with the answers filled in automatically.



Outbound Agent Plan, if incoming calls are being received / processed by another system, it will be the most cost-effective solution.


Blended Agent Plan, if inbound calls and outbound calls are to be processed simultaneously, it will be the product that best responds to your needs.


Tegsoft products provide many advantages for Municipalities; these advantages are listed below:


  • Prioritizing of VIP calls like Mayor, municipal staff and so on,
  • Popup usage of different applications,
  • Demands and complaints management


It can provide easy administration of connection between call center and additional units located within the institution through the structure of Demand and Complaint, and create workflows.


Through TegsoftCRM in Tegsoft, the call history of the citizens who called the institution can be followed and solving the problems are provided more quickly.



  • Universal (UKBS)
  • Sampaş
  • Vadi Software
  • Saysis



Usage that can be started with Alo153 White Table management through Inbound Agent Plan can be extended with Blended Agent Plan or Multichannel Agent Plan.

Information Technologies

Tegsoft provides easy integration with other software through the ready-documented webservice methods of all operations.


All data can be read, written, and events can be captured and triggered by integration methods.


In addition, many software companies use Tegsoft product range for integration with Telecom sub-structures. Managing incoming calls, making calls in case of an alarm, SMS transmission can be handled easily with web-based accessible integration methods.



  • Inbound Agent Plan
  • Outbound Agent Plan
  • Blended Agent Plan

Associations and Foundations

With the help of the integrated TegsoftCRM, Tegsoft meets all the communication needs of the institution from one screen and also manages the membership information of the institution and provides to send easily announcements, reminder calls and SMS.


There are also discounts and purchasing facilities prepared for non-profit institutions.



  • Blended Agent Plan

Outsourcing Call Center

Designed for high capacity, Tegsoft’s infrastructure has a team-based architecture with a competence base for reporting, monitoring and managing.

Many call center teams can be work simultaneously on the same system, and can be managed by independently authorized teams from each other.


In addition, with the architecture designed with IBM Power servers, 1,000 agents can work on the system simultaneously.


Providing full use of free-seating feature through integrated Webphone, The Tegsoft infrastructure provides a significant cost advantage for outsourced call centers.



  • Blended Agent Plan
  • Multichannel Agent Plan


The Tegsoft infrastructure is one of the sub-structures that is compatible with the EMRA rules and bases and responds most quickly to changes.


Transferring to a regular agent, emergency lines operation and detailed reporting are the most used features in this sector.



  • Blended Agent Plan
  • Multichannel Agent Plan


Tegsoft Contact Center and IP PBX infrastructure provides seamless integration with many university software and plays a very successful role both in distance education centers and in central office functions.


The use of temporary agents during intensive call periods by universities and the management of calls with different distribution methodologies are common used characteristics in the education sector.


In addition, Tegsoft offers advantageous purchasing opportunities by applying special campaigns to universities.



  • Blended Agent Plan


Tegsoft enters MasterCard and Visa security audits twice a year and takes quick action against emerging threats.


The reason of its widespread use in the financial sector is that it can handle very large traffics as product capacity and it provides opportunities to bring customer satisfaction to forefront with feature sets.


In the finance sector, the product has worked and served in many projects with an automatic call back to missed calls, multichannel communication management, and especially advanced IVR.



If the only voice call is wanted, Blended Agent Plan will be;

if multi-channel communication management is considered, Multichannel Agent Plan will be the most accurate product positioning.


Infrastructure of Tegsoft, which has become widespread in factories in the food sector, makes a difference with its integrated meeting rooms (conference module) and detailed reports.


In addition, a flexible and easily manageable infrastructure is provided for integrated communication between factories in distributed structure or between central and branch offices.


UCClient Agent Plan will be the most accurate product positioning for the start.

Collection (Law)

In Tegsoft Contact Center, there is a common product family produced on collection


Legal monitoring system integrations,

  • prioritizing the number reached in the debtor’s calls,
  • calling the call number (CALLER ID) by actively changing and
  • collection calls are addressed with a search system based on prediction with high capacity.


The collection rate is increasing due to the high search capacity even in data with very low access rates.


The system makes the call that are promised to pay with scheduled calls and provides follow-up until the file is executed.


Team and team based authorization systems and different collection units’ systems can manage the system simultaneously.



  • Blended Agent Plan

Construction and Real Estate

Simultaneous management of outbound calls and inbound calls ensures that the most appropriate quality of communication is provided to the customer in real estate sales.



The Inbound Agent Plan for intensive inbound and manual outbound calls, and if making campaign calls is also desired,  the Blended Agent Plan is recommended.


In many financial institutions, the need for communication in municipalities and parties is met with all channels, with demands and complaints management needs are managed by the workflow editing.



  • Inbound Agent Plan
  • Blended Agent Plan
  • Multichannel Agent Plan


Businesses and ports in the logistics sector can use the call center to track the shipment situation in particular.


TegsoftCRM facilitates the management of the process of recording and reporting the issues related to the shipment as activity.


At the Call Center, it is an important influence on ensuring compliance with the shipping procedures that each observer is registered.



  • UCClient Plan
  • Inbound Agent Plan

Media and Publishing

With Tegsoft Contact Center, Outbound IVR Call Campaigns and Surveys can be made to measure the customer impact of marketing and promotional activities on media and communication channels.



  • Outbound Agent Plan
  • Multichannel Agent Plan

Health and Social Services

Tegsoft sub-structures provide services in the health and social services sector such areas mentioned below:

  • Integration with appointment systems
  • Appointment reminder calls,
  • Answering the call with self-service IVR service and give an appointment,
  • Many areas like blue code.



  • Inbound Agent Plan is recommended to meet basic needs;
  • Blended Agent Plan is proposed as the most suitable plan for integrating outbound calls.


Virtual Offices

It is possible to manage hundreds of call routes and phone numbers easily from a single screen.


At this point, virtual office companies can easily assign numbers to their customers and can address the name of the company with the welcome screens opened during the inbound call.



  • UCClient Plan
  • Inbound Agent Plan


Tegsoft Contact Center provides an infrastructure that can manage many transactions in the field of insurance as self-service.


With Tegsoft Contact Center, Insurance companies can use the following features:

  • The system can welcome customers with their names and/or company names automatically.


  • With the programmable IVR feature, the company can integrate with its own system and enter information such as the insured number, the policy number, and the insured of the policy and the damage file without having to contact with Agent.


  • When a new insured enrollment occurs, it automatically initiates a Welcome call.


  • When an insurance file belonging to an insurer is opened, it automatically initiates a call.


  • In case the insured has missing documents in the damage file, the system performs an automatic search and dynamically informs Missing Documents via TTS.



  • Blended Agent Plan
  • Multichannel Agent Plan


Trade, E-Commerce (Sales and Marketing)

Tegsoft Contact Center helps  E-Commerce companies to manage customer relationships with both Voice and Email and SMS channels, with its unified communications features.


With TegsoftCRM, personalized activities and notes can be created to monitor the contact history of the customer.


Email, SMS and Voice campaigns are carried out in order to direct the sales of the telesales projects.


With VPOS Credit Card features, customers are provided with a secure payment channel with IVR.



  • Blended Agent Plan
  • Multichannel Agent Plan


With Tegsoft Contact Center, companies are able to meet the needs of their guests by;


  • Using TegsoftCRM screens,


  • following the communication history;


  • creating activities and notes to make their guests special,


  • survey calls to measure the services that guests receive during their stay and on holiday reservations.

In addition, Agencies can be included in the same IP PBX infrastructure and can communicate internally as company subscribers. Thus, they do not pay for telephone calls and have a reporting infrastructure.



  • Inbound Agent Plan
  • Blended Agent Plan

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