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Inbound Contact Center Services


In today’s communication world, in every sector of business, Inbound Contact Center has a leading role in Customer Relations Management.


Customers prefer to get service through Contact Centers to;

  • get information about a product or a service they want to purchase,
  • to make a purchase,
  • to indicate a complaint or a demand for the service/product they have purchased.

Expectations from Inbound Contact Center for Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Inbound Contact Centers are windows opening to the outside world for companies, and they play a significant role in providing Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty. Therefore, the service quality of Inbound Contact Center is at least as important as the quality of the product or service that companies offer.

When customers call the Contact Center, they expect to;

  • get the information about their demands or complaints as soon as possible,
  • complete their operation as fast as possible by self-service, without talking to an Agent.


Companies expect from Contact Center Management to;

  • execute call processes in one screen in the fastest way,
  • operate every information of customer’s during the call, by integrating other software that they use for the institution,
  • be able to follow and analyze the call traffic, transiently.

Inbound Contact Center Agent Package Features


We offer the following features with the Inbound Contact Center Agent Package, to help companies to provide excellent contact center experience to their customers:

  • Easy accessibility with the Web-based Call Center interface
  • Location-free working flexibility.
  • Call Management in one screen with integrated Webphone
  • Alarm mails to ease management
  • Agent activity management and reporting
  • Managing manual outbound calls
  • Monitoring call process, reporting and elaborating waiting calls
  • Using software in one screen with the help of extended integration features
  • Controlling call traffic by using Status Bar, instantly
  • Voice Recordings and Voice Analysis
  • IVR Features
  • Including basic PBX Features and 500 IP Phone Subscriber license


Integrations for 3rd Party Softwares and Embedded TegsoftCRM Features


Inbound Contact Center Agent Package includes advanced integration patterns for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as well as embedded CRM application.

TegsoftCRM allows customers to perform the following operations :

  • Integrated and configurated CRM
  • Opportunity to increase customer satisfaction with the caller identification feature
  • Managing the Projects or the Customers by grouping customers
  • Customer-based, specialized greeting and queue management (VIP Customer Feature)
  • Access to call history of the customer
  • Creating specified activities for the Customer
  • Defining and conducting surveys

Besides the features that we provide with the Inbound Contact Center Agent package, we also offer;

  • easy scaling from one agent to hundreds of them,
  • fast installation,
  • Remote access and management opportunities,

with the Tegsoft Communication Platform infrastructure

Customer Review

Through the Tegsoft CRM, we can monitor contact history from one screen. By reporting customer’s previous calls, whom they call, destination info, we can greet our customers well prepared. Since these creates satisfaction for the customer, they feel special, and this provides us with repeat customers.

Ozan AKGÜL -Sales and Customer Supervisor, TOURISTICA Tourism Company



We provide E-learning environment with easy access with customers’ specified identification features. You can reach to enriched learning objects easily, for more effective use of products.

We provide enhancing Customers’ knowledge with example situation videos and prepared lecturings, and provide an opportunity for testing their learning with the help of trial simulations.

Learning Portal is enriched with detailed lecturing-supported materials to complicate learning. In addition to this, it enables users to use e-learning again during the whole period of system usage.



Tegsoft Knowledge Base has the technical support materials, oriented to different needs. Besides, we give free support through e-mail, for product-oriented technical support needs. If you want to get remote or on-site support, we are happy to serve you via our certified Business Partners.

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