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Explore Tegsoft Omnichannel Contact Center, for providing omnichannel Customer Experience.

Omnichannel Contact Center Services

With the Omnichannel Contact Center, companies are not only able to provide customers with voice channels; they can also communicate via SMS, Email, Webchat, and Social Media channels.

Changes in customer habits are urging contact centers to go beyond service with voice communication only.

Instead of calling the Contact Center for a service they want to receive, customers prefer to forward a request via tweet.

Or, they want to get an immediate answer to their question about a product they’re reviewing on the company’s website, via Webchat Agent.
They can start a conversation through Webchat session and prefer to continue over voice call where they left off.

No matter what communication channel, they expect to receive information about their previous requests in the communication they perform with the Contact Center.

On the other hand,

Companies want to see and manage customer communication history, regardless of which communication channel, to provide a real customer journey experience.

They want to manage their customers’ comments on Social Media via the Call Center and thus response fast.

They want to reach their customers, who cannot be reachable by voice channel, via SMS or Email.

They demand that all these channels be managed in a collated manner by Agents.

Omnichannel Contact Center Agent Features

We offer the following features with the Omnichannel Contact Center Agent Package, to help companies to provide excellent contact center experience to their customers:


Easy accessibility with the Web-based Contact Center interface

Location-free working flexibility.

Call Management in one screen with integrated Webphone

Alarm mails to ease management

Agent activity management and reporting

Managing manual outbound calls

Uploading data from an Excel file or dynamically through a Web-Service

Integrations for 3rd Party Softwares and Embedded TegsoftCRM Features

Integrations for 3rd Party Softwares and Embedded TegsoftCRM Features


Blended Contact Center Agent Package includes advanced integration patterns for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as well as embedded CRM application.


TegsoftCRM allows customers to perform the following operations :


Integrated and configurated CRM

Opportunity to increase customer satisfaction with the caller identification feature

Managing the Projects or the Customers by grouping customers

Customer Review

Today, using technology is very important for companies, we need to take the advantages of it. Tegsoft is a quite supportive program in this regard. Tegsoft has a wide range of web services that help to integrate all the software we use. At this point, we can quickly reach out to our customers from anywhere in Turkey, who provide us with information through social media accounts, our website or different channels.

Melda Kesici

Customer Services Manager, EREN PERAKENDE



We provide E-learning environment with easy access with customers’ specified identification features. You can reach to enriched learning objects easily, for more effective use of products.


Tegsoft Knowledge Base has the technical support materials, oriented to different needs. Besides, we give free support through e-mail, for product-oriented technical support needs. If you want to get remote or on-site support, we are happy to serve you via our certified Business Partners.

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