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Introduction :  This document describes how to configure SMS providers integrated with Tegsoft.

Tegsoft allows you to send SMS to not only a person but also a group. For this, you only need to configure your sms provider that has integrated with Tegsoft.

If your provider is not listed, please contact [email protected].

Please access CC Management  → Parameters → SMS / E-Mail Service Providers

To add new define you need to click “+” button and fill values on the right section of the application. After completing the editing process you need to click “Save” button on the left. You will notice “Save” button color changes after settings are saved.

TYPE: Zeostek

Provider name : Any name less than 50 characters can be given.

Provider type : SMS

Username: your username provided by the provider

Password: your password provided by the provider

Provision URL: URL provided by the provider

Sender: Sender expression in GSM number. (Originator)

Account Code : Sender ID provided by the provider

Other mandatory API parameter;

Api key : Api key provided by the provider

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