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This document gives you guidance with WhatsApp integration with Tegsoft.
PS: In this document, all parameters and keys for testing. Please use your keys and parameters for your own system.

Prerequisites:Before moving on to the following definitions, please gather the information about your WhatsApp business number and other details. If you want more information about the prerequisites please contact the [email protected]

WhatsApp Chat  Skills

WhatsApp Queue Definitions can be made in the ‘’Contact Center
Management –> Webchat Skills’’ menu.
A new WhatsApp queue can be created or modified via this

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated
A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

WhatsApp Queue User Authorization

Here, authorized users are specified for the selected queue. If users are define done at a time. > the icon is clicked, or if users are to be defined together, it is necessary to click the icon >>. In definition changes, users must log out and log in again.

WhatsApp Parameter Definition

WhatsApp works Tegsoft via Infobip Integration. At this point, you have to define your own parameters in Tegsoft.
These definitions are made in Contact Center Management > Integration Parameters menu.

Login URL: Must be left blank. lt will be set automatically as soon as the call starts.
Call offer URL: https://dev.infobip.com/ the URL defined from address
Call popup URL: https://dev.infobip.com/ the defined user name from an address
After call URL: https://dev.infobip.com/ the defined password from address
You can access this information from the Infobip screen as below,

For User Name and Password; 

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

For Call Offer URL;

After all these steps now you can take WhatsApp calls via Tegsoft.

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