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Tegsoft Services Access Ports

The required ports to access Tegsoft services are listed in the following table toward their purposes.

Access Purpose

It refers to the services received from Tegsoft system.

  • General Usage: It is access need to Tegsoft system by users such as customer representative, supervisor, administrator for general purposes.
  • Technical Support: It is access aimed at changing definitions, displaying instant system information and also technical support requirement expressed in the sales contract.
  • Android: It is access form of Tegsoft android application.
  • Web Service: It is the form of access access for Tegsoft web service layer.
  • Voice: It is the form of access required to use the system as a subscriber.
  • WebCall: It is the access form of the remote web call function.
  • Database: It is the form of access for performing transactions (reporting, analysis, etc.) by connecting directly to the database.
  • Using Backup Service: The Tegsoft server creates a backup of the system on its own disk at the specified time every night. It creates a copy backup from the backup. This copy removes contact private/personal information (CDR records, Agent call history, IVR clicking(DTMF) records, CRM contact records) from the backup and transfers only the configuration backup to Tegsoft data center servers. There are no voice recording files in the backup service. Detailed information about the backup service can be accessed from the sales contract.

FROM INTERNAL To External Access Network Port Numbers

  • Access Ports
TCP-80 http, https
TCP-2222 ssh
  • Access Destination: (

From External To Internal Access Network Port Numbers

ProtocolPort Access PurposeDescription
Web AccessHttp, HttpsTCP- 80, TCP- 443-General Usage
-Technical Support
-Web Service
It is necessary for using Tegsoft system, changing definitions, displaying instant system information and technical support with web browser.
Console AccessSSHTCP-2222-Technical SupportRequired for technical support such as displaying memory values, changing disk information for archiving, changing IP address, examining log files.
Voice SignalSIPTCP, UDP- Port specified in server settings-Voice
It is the signaling port required for the contact’s call to start.
Voice Data StreamRTPUDP- Port specified in server settings-Voice
It is the port required for contact to hear voice.
IBM DB2 Access IBM DB2TCP- 50000-DatabaseThe port required for direct access to the database with SQL.
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