Bandwidth Values

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The required bandwidth values ​​between a Customer Representative and Tegsoft server are given in the table below.

Call Waiting27.4Kb16.6Kb44.1Kb21.4Kb10.1Kb31.5Kb
Find a Contact from CRM30.5Kb20.0Kb46.9Kb24.6Kb11.9Kb36.5Kb
Call an unreachable number49.0Kb37.3Kb86.3Kb30.5Kb19.7Kb50.2Kb
Routine Agent login process33.6Kb79.1Kb86.4Kb17.0Kb9.26Kb25.6Kb
Agent Outbound Call106Kb95.6Kb202Kb99.6Kbın88.3Kb188Kb
Agent Inbound Call 114Kb100Kb214Kb95.3Kb86.6Kb182Kb
First login from a PC that has never been entered180Kb1.20Mb1.33Mb30.0Kb98.4Kb128Kb
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