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Inbound Contact Center

Tegsoft Contact Center Solution – TegsoftCC


TegsoftCC, Contact Center Solution developed by Tegsoft engineers is a Web-based application which allows companies to interact with their customers via different communication channels such as Voice, E-mail, SMS and Web-Chat. It allows users to manage all these communication channels from a single user-friendly interface.

TegsoftCC was developed on Tegsoft’s advanced IP PBX product TegsoftPBX. With its flexible and adaptable infrastructure, TegsoftCC provides easy and fast transition for the enhancing of Contact Center capacity.
When compared with the daily calls and instant Agent screen usage numbers, the investment cost is significantly less than the equivalent products. Also, with its enviromental design, it reduces the maintenance and energy costs.
TegsoftCC is compatible with other IP PBX systems such as Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, LG-Ericsson and also VOIP systems by Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) software which was developed by Tegsoft.

Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) software manages all communication channels from one point. By this way, Agents can manage inbound calls, campaign calls, web-chat, e-mail, SMS or originate outbound calls in a single Web screen. Agents can pickup calls from the integrated Webphone in Agent screens. By using Webphone on Agent screens, customersdo not need to use physical telephones and reduce hardware costs.


TegsoftCC Inbound Contact Center Features


1. Web-based Contact Center Management:

  • User experience: as-easy-as using any Web page.
  • Team-based call management
  • Competence-based Supervisor and Agent management

2. Web-based Agent interface:

  • As it’s a web-based application, installation is not required to Agent computers.
  • Management of all calls (inbound/outbound, e-mail, SMS, web-chat) in a single screen
  • Accessing call history of the customer, taking notes

3. Integrated Webphone:

  • No need to use a physical telephone or an external soft phone
  • Calls can be picked up, routed or muted using integrated Webphone

4. Supports using remote agents / home agents

5. Free-seating: Without affecting Agent call reports, they are free to seat in any seat

6. Advanced Competence-based Reporting:

  • All reports can be created according to the criterias which can be selected by the user in the report interface.
  • Instant reporting and Historical reporting are supported
  • Report sets are; Call Detail Reports (CDR), Queue Reports (ASA, AR, ACHT can be reported), Service Level Reports (SL, SLA), Campaign Reports, IVR Reports, Agent Reports /Activity Reports

7. Following-up Agent breaks with the reasons

8. Project / Customer based auto-response and queue management:

  • Defining Project / Customer based queues
  • Able to differentiate greeting and music on hold for each queue
  • Agent assignment to the queues
  • Queue based reporting

9. Web-based Voice Recording:

  • Able to search and report voice records historically or instantly
  • Able to download voice records
  • Able to archive voice records in any storage defined in the system

10. Advanced CRM features:

  • Creating a new customer or editing an existing customer
  • Previewing call history of a customer
  • Taking detailed notes
  • Able to integrate with any web-based CRM applications