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Basic IVR

Basic IVR


Basic IVR structure includes features such as greeting messages before accepting calls, call forwarding according to DTMF.

Basic IVR properties are listed below:

  • Multi-language support (Turkish, English, German, Russian etc.) for announcements
  • Call forwarding to an internal or external destination according to DTMF
  • Detailed DTMF management for limiting dial options
  • Running wav formatted announces as nested IVR scenarios
  • Defining exit announces
  • Redirecting calls to another destination for invalid DTMF
  • Repeating announcements for timeout or invalid DTMF
  • Setting different DTMF duration for each IVR scenario
  • Limiting invalid or timeout DTMF conditions
  • Assigning names (such as “Main Menu Selection”, “Product Selection”, “Survey Score”) for DTMF in IVR DTMF report
  • Defining targets for multiple keys
  • Uploading or downloading DTMF information via Excel document

Managing Announce Files Screen

Basic IVR - Managing Announce Files Screen

Basic IVR Settings Screen

BasicIVR - Settings Screen