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Tegsoft Installation

DVD Installation

DVD ISO can be downloaded from here.

Virtual Server or Hardware Server must meet the memory requirements. You can check memory requirement matrix from here .

Active internet access makes database installation faster.

According to platform,

  • Hardware Server ,
    • 64 bit CPU is required.
    • Thre is no custom pre-installation or post installation step.
  • VMWARE virtual server,
    • If there is a schema option for guest operating system as “CentOS Linux 64 bits” choose that, otherwise choose “Redhat Linux 64 bits
    • After installation, compatible  VM Tools must be installed.
    • “Linux 64 bits” must be selected for the guest operating system schema.
    • Before installation, Network adapter must be removed. Legency Network adapter must be added.
    • After installation “yum install adjtimex” command must be executed  to install time shift fix.
    • After installation Microsoft Linux Integrastion Services must be installed.

platform must be booted with the DVD.

Installation can be stated by pressing ENTER on the screen with the title  “Tegsoft Installation DVD …. ”

Step 1:Choose yes to configure network.


Step 2: Enable IPv4 support.


Step 3: Enter manual addresses for IP and Netmask.

Step 4: Enter Gateway and DNS settings.

Step 5: Name the system.

Step 6: Choose correct timezone.

There are two phases to complete the installation.

Phase 1: Installation and coping files will take 15 minutes,
Phase 2: After reboot there will be Task by Task installations for about 15 minutes

With the preparation all installation lasts about 30 minutes.

Please proceed to Post Installation page to make server operational and up-to-date.